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we’re wildly obsessed about creating sorbet desserts and juices that are bursting with the freshness of flavours and the goodness of nature.

Yes, this is an experience that will make you forget even your favourite ice cream or gelato. It’s a frozen treat that’s just as tasty as it looks, and even healthier than you can imagine!

Because at Wild Orange, we go to great lengths to make sure that everything we serve is grown in gardens, not plucked out of tin cans, which also makes our stuff healthier.

Our sorbet desserts are HACCP-certified and each of these unique desserts is made by hand, using pure, raw fruits grown in the tropical islands of exotic Africa. That’s right! The beautiful wilds of Africa is where our products come from and Wild Orange is appointed as the sole authorized partner to serve this amazing selection of sorbet desserts within the GCC.

But it’s not only what’s inside that’s delectably different. Our frozen treats are lovingly served in natural fruit shells that retain the juiciness as intended by dearest nature.

Tempted to try one now, isn’t it? Worry not, as getting your hands on one of our natural desserts will be even easier than picking a ripe fruit from the wild. We will be hitting all the sweet spots through a bunch of colourful and captivating mobile kiosks that have been specially imported from Spain and built to premium-European standards.

If you’ve got a restaurant, a hotel or simply a venue where you’d like to delight others, why not get one of these premium and modular kiosks, and let us scoop out the rewards for you? Have a think. Or better yet, have one of our sorbets today, enjoy a refreshing moment with Wild Orange, and see where it takes you.

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whose wild idea was it?

Wild Orange is a homegrown and passionately nurtured brand of Barrick Group, a Dubai-based enterprise with diversified interests within the Middle East and North Africa.

Barrick Group’s journey began over a decade ago, with a general trading company specialising in fresh and healthy consumable products for the UAE and African markets. Whilst the journey has trailed across several milestones, representing different business sectors, the Group’s mainstay remains the Food and Beverage industry.

Today, we have all the ingredients a corporate group needs to taste success within the F&B avenue. Beginning with the rich experience and team expertise of catering to the varied palates of the region, and doing so successfully for over 10 years.

Dynamic Commodities

Dynamic Commodities Icon[1][4]-01The source. The prologue to our story of serving freshness and quality. Dynamic Foods / Dynamic Commodities is the company that produces the delightful sorbets that we scoop out so proudly.

Based in South Africa, a country enveloped in the greenest of pastures and the breeziest of refreshing air, Dynamic Foods / Dynamic Commodities possesses one of the most advanced product facilities with FSSC 2000 (accreditation to HACCP principles) and Halaal certifications. The organisation’s success lies in its commitment to craftsmanship and appreciation for the healthiest produce.

All the sorbets have been handcrafted to retain every ingredient’s nutritional values as well as its succulent flavours, resulting in a truly unique and enviably popular product. It’s no wonder that we at Wild Orange are delighted to be Dynamic Food’s / Dynamic Commodities’ authorised distributor within the region and their partner in delivering delectable moments to millions across the GCC.

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sorbet parlour

At Wild Orange, we have a selection of nine tastefully trendy sorbets – and more in the making! All hand-crafted using fresh ingredients and low fat in content. Peek through our menu of flavours, and try them all before you pick a favourite.

Nutritional Facts

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Apart from our signature Orange creation, there’s a lot more to tantalize your taste-buds and revitalize your senses – all on the go!

Our juicery replenishes the fruits daily, so you get only the freshest pick of the day – everyday! One of our juicery highlights is the Orange Juice, which does a lot good for the body as much as for your taste palate. It is filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants, and a proven natural source of collagen that works wonders for the skin as well as bones, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels.

What’s more, the Orange Juice we serve is prepared in modern and hygienic Zummo machines, which apply just enough pressure to squeeze the juice while ensuring the peel and the juice do not come into contact during the juice-making process. Making the juice less acidic and less bitter than the so-called fresh juices trending throughout town.

Just one quick trip to a Wild Orange station will have you transported to a green farm or orchard and enjoying all of nature’s bounties just as easily!


wild smoothies

We have carefully sourced and selected our ingredients to bring you Wild Smoothies ! The combinations are engineered to bring an energetic and refreshing response. Our Wild Smoothies are free from Sugar and contain No Preservatives. Wild Smoothies are 100% Natural, the way fruit was intended to be.

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Raspberry Love
Mango Paradise
Strawberry Split
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Caribbean Kiss

wild orange to go!

Businesses, brands, lifestyles ­ everything’s on the move today. And so are we! Wild Orange’s sorbet desserts and fresh juices aren¹t probably something you can find in your local store, nevertheless they will still be conveniently available through our mobile kiosks.


Wild Orange’s mouthwatering desserts and fresh juices aren’t probably something you can find in your local store, nevertheless they will still be conveniently available through our mobile kiosks.

Specially imported from Spain, our mobile kiosks are aesthetically-designed and intelligently-fabricated to whet your appetite. They are so modular and handy that they can be easily moved around from one place to the next. Whilst their captivating design ensures that they are the perfect fit for any environment.

Currently, our kiosks are planned to be set up in parks, beaches, malls and even 5-star hotels and resorts, ensuring you’re never far away from real natural goodness when you need it the most.

creating sweet memories for your guests

No matter what the occasion, our sorbet desserts are sure to be an impressive addition.

The wholesome and rich taste, the enchanting presentation and the overall uniqueness of these dessert delights are sure to whisper to your guests’ senses and make an impactful statement!

From corporate events and grand weddings to private catering affairs in a 5-star venue of your choice or even within your own villa, we can make the celebration even sweeter – through our colourful mobile kiosks and well-trained staff. If your guest list reads 50 or more, we can even arrange for delivery to your doorstep, be it your villa, office or celebration venue.

For event catering call us on +971 50 103 5525.

Now delivering our mouthwatering sorbets at your doorstep.
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Turn your virtual décor into a drool-some feast for the eyes with downloadable wallpapers of our sorbet desserts or get a poster print of your favorite flavor by choosing from our gallery.

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We’re on our way to paint the town orange! Discover the silky sweet-route where Wild Orange is currently being served through the featured map.

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